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Blackfin Production focuses on investment, production and distribution of art films and independent documentaries. For over seven years, it has promoted several young directors among whom the films selected in international film festivals, produced films including Kaili Blues of BI Gan, Knife in the Clear Water of WANG Xuebo, Free and Easy of GENG Jun,  Mosaic Portrait of ZHAI Yixiang,The Cloud in Her Room of ZHENG Luxinyuan. Blackfin Production keeps its steps in making art films and promoting diversity in film market in both China and abroad.



Kaili Blues (2015, BI Gan)

Locarno International Film Festival Best Emerging Director

Best First Feature Special Mention (Filmmakers of the Present) 

Nantes Three Continents Festival  Golden Montgolfiere 


Knife in the Clear Water (2016, WANG Xuebo)

Busan International Film Festival New Currents Award 

Marrakech International Film Festival Best Director 


Free and Easy (2017, GENG Jun) 

Sundance international Film Festival Special Jury Prize(World Cinema) 


Mosaic Portrait (2019, ZHAI Yixiang)

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival(Main competition) 

Marrakech International Film Festival Golden Star 



The Cloud in Her Room (2020, ZHENG LU Xinyuan)

Rotterdam International Film Festiva Tiger Award 

Hong Kong International Film Festival Golden Firebird Award 



Manchurian Tiger (2021,GENG Jun)

Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet 



Virgin Blue  (2021,Niu Xiaoyu) 

Locarno International Film Festival(Filmmakers of the Present) 

First Youth Film Festival Spirit of Freedom 


A Marble Travelogue (2021,SEAN Wang) 

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Frontlight 

Reykjavik International Film Festival Best Documentary 

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival Golden Alexander

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